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Title contest winner

Learning What Love IsI decided to go with Learning What Love Is. It fits the book. It is not listed below as Kimberly emailed it to me.

However I have decided to use Wilder Desires in an upcoming book. Karielle Stephanie please email me at to claim your giftcard.

I’ll hold another giveaway soon. Be sure to check back.

Title Contest

I’ve decided I don’t like the title for the second Half Moon Harbor Resorts Novella. It orignal titled Live and Learn. Leave a comment below with your title suggestion and the chosen title winner will receive a $5 Amazon gift card. Contest ends Monday, February 18th.


Jacey Wilder is always watching over her shoulder, worried her abusive ex will find her. He’s shown her in the past that even her extra strength as a lion shifter is no match. When her brother suggest a vacation to Half Moon Harbor—a resort that caters to the paranormal—she’s eager to get away.

Blake Blackwell’s lion paced within him demanding they claim the mate he’d recently found. This last commitment to Half Moon Harbor Resort was all that stood in his way. Or did it?

Can Jacey accept the mate she is destined to have or will her ex stand in the way? Blake lost one woman he loved but he’d be damned if he’d lose Jacey.

Free Book – Happy Thanksgiving

Need something to read in-between cooking, football, dealing with family, and other Thanksgiving activities, Learning to Live is free on Smashwords if you use this code at checkout…JA94Q. Until Monday.

Book two of the Half Moon Harbor series will be out in 2013.

Download your copy.

Passing On

Passing On – Reaper’s Series: Book One

Jael James’s mother’s death brought to light her destiny. Now it is time for her to step up and take her mother’s place as the Grim Reaper. Between ghosts, Death, and Nathan her, EMT partner, she has her hands full.

Buy Links:

Kindle ~ Nook~ Smashwords ~ All Romance Ebooks


Slumber wrapped heavily around Jael James like a familiar blanket. She wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, but something woke her. Nightmare? No. Alarm? No. That’s when she smelled him. His cologne was unmistakable. It had planted itself firmly in her memory, so no matter what, she couldn’t forget it. Almost like the man himself. She couldn’t forget him, either.

“Jael, darling. We need to speak,” he said from what sounded like the foot of her bed.

“Not now.” She grabbed a pillow and threw it at him, but Jael knew he stepped out of its path. “I worked the night shift, and I need my beauty sleep.”

“You can sleep when you’re dead.” He growled at her.

She pulled her comforter up over her head and snuggled deep into the bed, trying to ignore him. Her eyes were closed, but she knew he wasn’t going to leave until he’d done what he came to do. She was doing to do her best to ignore him when she felt him grab a hold of the blanket, pulling it off her from the bottom of the bed.

“Go away!” Jael shouted, glad she’d slept in a pair of shorts and tank top instead of just the T-shirt she was accustomed to. The shorts were small and tight, but at least all her important parts were covered.

“Come. I’ll make the coffee.”

Coffee was the only way he would get her out of bed. Jael let out a grumble as she crawled out of bed. She fought the heaviness of sleep weighing down her eyelids. The clock on the bedside table glared in her dark room. Seven o’clock in the morning. “Someone needs to explain to him the proper visiting times,” she mumbled.

She continued complaining to herself about her mere hour of sleep when the floor-to-ceiling window curtains were opened. Oh, he is going to pay now. She’d paid good money to have dark, sun-blocking curtains made for such large windows. Though she loved her loft looking out over the city, without those curtains, she would have moved. Being a night owl through and through, she didn’t want to be woke by the sun each morning.

“Are you crazy?” she yelled as she pounded down the steps.

She found him, all six-foot five, clad in black from head-to-toe, at the bottom of the stairs, a coffee cup in his hand.

“I’m Death. Crazy is part of the job description.”

Street Team

With Passing On (September) and Tiger Time (October)’s releases coming quick. I figured now would be a good time to start the Street Team. Please feel free to join Marissa Dobson’s street team here:
There will be contests, swag, and lots of fun stuff coming soon.

New cover

I have a cover for Restoring Love. Coming soon.


Winterbloom, the first story in the Clearwater multi author series from Ruby Lioness Press is hitting the ebook shelves.

As Chloe Frost focuses on renovating Winterbloom Bed and Breakfast, a blizzard dumps blankets of snow upon the sleepy town of Clearwater. An unexpected guest desperately needs a room after his car breaks down in the storm, but this mystery man seems tortured by his past. Can Chloe help him see through the pain and anger? Can Jordan Sheppard, once a Gunnery Sergeant of the Marines, finally let someone in and show him just what love is?


Carved right into the side of a mountain, Clearwater, Wyoming had always received a lot of snow, but this storm would put the most seasoned residents to a test. It was expected to stall over the area and last four to five days, dumping up to ten feet of snow.

As she placed the wood next to the fireplace, she didn’t hear the front door shut and someone call out. Not expecting anyone, she’d played the radio louder than normal.She wanted to hear it as she worked.

“Ahem.” She jumped to her feet. “Do you always ignore paying customers?”

The voice was unfamiliar. She gripped a log and was ready to swing at the intruder.

“I see the hospitality continues. Are you really prepared to beat away a customer? It would seem to me you are in need of some as the place is empty.” A man stood in the living-room doorway. His clothes were rumpled as though he’d slept in them and his voice harsh with a touch of annoyance.

Learning to Live is out

Learning to Live, book on in the Live series has released early.

Meg Harper is tired of living in a box created by her overprotective brothers because of her ability to see guardian angels…

Jay Wilder a lion shifter so wrapped up in the guilt of not being able to save his friend that he might lose everything…

Can Meg and Jay save each other or are they destined to live half a life?


Buy Links:

Ruby Lioness Press ~ Kindle ~ Nook ~ Smashwords ~ 1 Place for Romance

New site, new blog

Hello. First let me say thank you for making the transiting to my new website. It will be great to have blog on here as well as my other information.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know I did. Snowy Fate, my first paranormal novella was released on Christmas day.

Fate always knows when you’re ready for love.

The past is catching up with Aspyn Layton. The father she never knew passed away and she is left to deal with his estate. An unexpected snowstorm has her stranded at the one place she didn’t want to be—her father’s house—with a naked man.

Damon Andrews has a secret, one he shared with Aspyn’s father. He must convince Aspyn there is more to life then what she knows. How will she react when she finds out he is a mountain lion, and she is his mate? Their fates are intertwined.

Snowy Fate is live most places, including Ruby Lioness Press (my publisher), Kindle, and Smashwords. Nook should be up very soon.