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Winterbloom CoverWhat she needs….

Prepping Winterbloom for the incoming snowstorm is the only thing on Chloe Frost’s agenda when a stranger comes in from the cold.

What he’s looking for…

Tortured by the past, Jordan Sheppard fled everything he knew until his car broke down and sidelined him.

Trapped together…

When this unexpected guest needs a room, these two lonely souls find refuge in each other. Can  Chloe help Jordan discover a path through the pain and anger to find love?

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Winterbloom was very enjoyable. The characters came together in a very beautiful way, and helped each other with their problems. This would make a good short read for anyone wanting a little love story with a dash of spice. ~ Reading It All

I found Winterbloom to be a sweet and delightful little romance. Ms. Dobson does a wonderful job of creating visual scenes that allow the reader to feel as though they are right there within the story. ~ Romancing the Book


Carved right into the side of a mountain, Clearwater, Wyoming had always received a lot of snow, but this storm would put the most seasoned residents to a test. It was expected to stall over the area and last four to five days, dumping up to ten feet of snow.

As she placed the wood next to the fireplace, she didn’t hear the front door shut and someone call out. Not expecting anyone, she’d played the radio louder than normal.She wanted to hear it as she worked.

“Ahem.” She jumped to her feet. “Do you always ignore paying customers?”

The voice was unfamiliar. She gripped a log and was ready to swing at the intruder.

“I see the hospitality continues. Are you really prepared to beat away a customer? It would seem to me you are in need of some as the place is empty.” A man stood in the living-room doorway. His clothes were rumpled as though he’d slept in them and his voice harsh with a touch of annoyance.

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