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Learning What Love Is

Learning What Love Is Jacey Wilder is always watching over her shoulder, worried her abusive ex will find her. Terrifyingly, her natural strength as a lioness shifter proves no match against him. When her brother suggests a vacation to Half Moon Harbor—a resort that caters to the paranormal—she leaps at the chance to get away.

Self-defense expert Blake Blackwell’s lion paced within him demanding they claim their newly discovered mate. The last self-defense class he had to teach at the Half Moon Harbor Resort was all that stood in his way. Or did it?

Can Jacey accept Blake as her destined mate or will her ex destroy her potential happiness? Blake lost one woman he loved but he’ll be damned if he loses Jacey.

ISBN: 978-1-939978-00-4

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Another great addition to this enticing and very titillating series. A quick read, you dive head in to Jacey’s turbulent world where she risks anything and everything in order to protect those she loves. This series grabs your attention, and makes you want to know more about each and every character. The world is nicely crafted, and definitely gives you an idea of what futures will be like. I’m looking forward to what comes next. ~ Simplistik


Jacey Wilder held the cell phone in a death grip. Anger had her animal crawling to the surface. She kicked herself for her stupidity over Gray. Would she never learn? Why was she so set on changing him, when it was obvious he didn’t want to—and would never change?

The family fixer, she solved her family’s problems. Gray, a true bad boy on the wrong path, allured her with his overwhelming issues in need of the “right” woman to make it better. The man took everyone for granted, and she wanted to help him turn his life around. Falling for him hadn’t been in the cards.

“Jacey, it’s about time you gave up on that dirtbag,” Jackie said from where she relaxed on the porch swing.

“Were you listening in on my phone call again?” She eyed her twin with suspicion.

“I couldn’t help it, your anger was so strong I could feel it out here. I wanted to know what happened this time.” Jackie moved her legs to give Jacey room to sit down. “Are you really done this time? Before you get all defensive, I’m just asking because we’ve heard this before.”

“Yes, Jackie. I am done. It’s time for me to move on,” The tears in her voice angered her. She was tired of being used by Gray, yet her emotions were out of control when it came to him. A car door closed and she looked away from her sister.

Oh, Blake. The glimpse of her sexy new neighbor, his scent called to her inner lioness, and made both stand up and take notice. The sight of him was one of the perks of her day. Blake Blackwell was one of the few in their town who wasn’t a part of the Wilder family or somehow related. Blake’s grandmother had remarried a distant cousin of a Wilder mate. When she died, he’d inherited her house and bookstore.

Jackie scooted closer and put her arm around Jacey “I know it’s not easy but you deserve better. What I’m about to say next is because I love you, so please remember that when you want to strangle me.”

“What is it?” she prodded when her sister paused.

“Here it goes…Jay and his new bride, Meg, will be here shortly.”

“I can’t believe you waited until now to tell me. You know Jay’s going to flip if he sees me upset over Gray again.” She rushed into the house to repair her makeup. Her stomach had butterflies at the thought of Jay and Meg finally being back home. Jay had been away for too long, it would be nice to have him back among the Wilder Pride.

In the downstairs bathroom, she took a washrag to the mascara running down her cheeks.  Jackie yelled “They’re here,” and her time was up. She tossed the rag in the sink, and then she looked in the mirror. A quick fluff of her blonde, curly hair would have to do. She didn’t have time to redo her makeup.

Her puffy, red-rimmed eyes made her crying apparent. “Hopefully Meg has tamed the lion,” she told her reflection and went to greet her brother and new sister-in-law.

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